|Monday, December 11, 2017
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Mass arrests for organised graffiti raids 

Graffiti gangs who considered themselves daring and fearless will soon be paying a price for the damage.

In a series of organised raids, Spanish police have arrested and charged 17 people believed to have been responsible for 133 offences. Another 18 people are being investigated.

The operation was carried out in Valencia, Madrid, Alicante and Murcia, with the total amount of damage estimated at 465,000 euros.

Police discovered that there were four groups of graffiti artists active in the regions, using the names of IBS, UBTES, ASK and TDPS. Their members would sign their work with various tags or pseudonyms.

The main targets were trains, cars and stations and they always had a preconceived plan which involved causing a diversion. Whilst one or two of the members would paint the graffiti, the others would video the scene to post afterwards on the social network sites.

They would gain access to areas such as workshops, railway sidings and end of tracks and would often also cause damage to doors, fences and gates.