|Monday, December 11, 2017
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Violent robbers homed in on delivery lorries 

A gang who homed in on lorries parked in laybys and rest areas in order to steal valuable loads did not hesitate to use violence, say the police.

Seven people have so far been arrested for carrying out at least a dozen robberies, mainly in the provinces of Toledo and Guadalajara in Madrid.

They would often use violence and intimidation and when three properties were searched, officers found weap-ons, knives and balaclavas. They also seized two vehicles, torches, Civil Guard badges, cash and a lorry containing 400 boxe of food hygiene products.

Police said their method was the same in all the robberies. They would identify a lorry or van “of interest” and in some cases, would assault the driver before breaking into one or two of the delivery boxes. If the items inside were of interest, they would call for reinforcements from other members of the gang who would drive to the site with other vehicles.

The investigation remains open because police believe the network might be spread further across Spain so more arrests could be pending.