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Eight tips for healthy eating

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health, and can help you feel your best. It doesn’t have to be difficult either. Just follow these eight tips to get started.Full Article

Why sitting too much is bad for your health

We all know we need to be more active but there is increasing evidence that we need to spend less time sitting down as well. Research has suggested that ...Full Article

Living and coping with coeliac disease

Being diagnosed with coeliac disease can come as quite a shock but in most cases, it can be treated by excluding foods that contain gluten from your diet. This ...Full Article

Healthy diet could cut risk of Alzheimer’s disease

A new diet could more than halve a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study. Researchers looked at the effects of three diets, namely a ...Full Article

Tips to avoid indigestion

If you have indigestion only occasionally with mild pain and discomfort, you may not need to see your GP for treatment. It may be possible to ease your symptoms ...Full Article

Coping with a sinus headache

Sinus headaches are an uncommon type of headache caused by inflamed sinuses (sinusitis). They are felt as a dull, throbbing pain in the upper face. Many people assume they ...Full Article

Don’t get caught out as the weather hots up

It’s hotting up, both in the Canaries and the UK so make sure you look after your health. Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are two related health conditions that can ...Full Article

When snoring could be sleep apnoea

Snoring can be a symptom of a disorder called sleep apnoea, which is hard to identify and carries serious health risks. Sleep apnoea is very common but less than ...Full Article

Do you have a cold or the flu?

Flu is not a ‘bad cold’. Each year, thousands of people die of complications after catching the flu. Although they share some of the same symptoms (cough, sore throat), ...Full Article

The pain of sciatica

Sciatica is the name given to any sort of pain caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. This is the longest nerve in your body. It runs ...Full Article
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