|Monday, December 11, 2017
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News from Spain

Prime Minister leads tributes as four killed in military plane crash

There was great sadness when four people were killed in a military plane crash in Seville but also heroism and great bravery officially recognised in the after-math. The Airbus A400M military transporter crashed during a test flight, ploughing into a field and bursting into flames just minutes after it took off.Full Article

Free wifi for all airports?

The Spanish airports authority, AENA is aiming to provide free unlimited wifi in all of its 46 airports and two heliports. It also wants to see the speed quadrupled ...Full Article

Family advertised “joints for sale” outside house

Thirteen members of the same family were arrested by police in Madrid for running a drugs operation from their home which even had a sign outide advertising “marijuana inside!” ...Full Article

“Boy in suitcase” case leads to leniency plea

This boy hidden in a suitcase caused amazement at a border control checkpoint and has also led to a human rights campaign. Customs officers in Ceuta were stunned when ...Full Article