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Coping with a cat with FIV

FIV is a condition similar to the virus that causes AIDS in people, although there is no risk of people catching AIDS from infected cats. It infects the white blood cells of the immune system, killing or damaging them. A healthy immune system is needed to fight infections and monitor for cancer in the body; so infected cats have ...Full Article

A well trained dog is a happy dog

Expert tips A dog that is well behaved can take part in family life and is welcome in more places. For example, a dog that greets politely rather than ...Full Article

Keeping your horse in good health

Even with the best of care, horses can suffer from occasional bouts of ill health, injury or related conditions. The role of a horse keeper is to reduce the ...Full Article

A suitable environment for mice

Do you keep mice? They can make lovely pets but like all animals, they do need proper looking after and the right environment. These little creatures are highly motivated ...Full Article

How to achieve harmony (Part II)

A quiet place to go Pets should always have a quiet, safe place to go to whenever they need to rest. This will be especially important to them once ...Full Article

What can I do if my cat is spraying?

If your cat is either urinating inappropriately or exhibiting spraying behaviour, this may be due to a health or behavioural issue. While neutering may help, it does not always ...Full Article

How to achieve harmony (Part I)

You often see cute pictures of babies and toddlers with the family dog, perhaps tucked up in bed with them or even curled up together in its basket. But ...Full Article

Life should be fun for your guinea pig

Top tips Guinea pigs – or cavies, to give them their proper name – are fascinating, intelligent and, when handled correctly, friendly. They originate from South America and there ...Full Article

Basic first aid for your cat

Cats can get themselves into all sorts of pre-dicaments but if something serious happens, here are some useful tips from the experts. Road accidents Prevention is better than cure ...Full Article

Enrich the life of your rabbit

A happy bunny is one that can display its natural behaviour. They need to be able to hop, stretch and play and because rabbits live together in the wild ...Full Article
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