|Monday, December 11, 2017
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Gang defrauded old folk after gaining their trust

A gang of unscrupulous Romanians deliberately befriended elderly folk to gain their trust and then robbed and attacked them. In some cases discovered by the police, they even managed to persuade them to sell their homes and part with all of their cash.Full Article

Gang homed in on clothes in recycling bins

Clothes put into recycling bins were supposed to help those in need but a gang of thieves have been helping themselves instead. In an operation developed in Valencia and ...Full Article

Loan scam dupes hundreds of people

Hundreds of people have been duped out of much-needed cash by a bogus company which offered them the chance to get loans. Spanish police say they have already identified ...Full Article

Drama as two Spaniards and rescuer are plucked from the freezing Thames

Two Spanish tourists had every reason to thank their lucky stars after they fell into the River Thames whilst visiting London. They shouted for help, in Spanish, and by ...Full Article

Alert as deadly “Superman” pills sold as ecstasy

An alert has been issued after police detected the presence of the killer drug “Superman” in Madrid. The health authority and Spanish Drug Observatory says paramethoxyamphetamine (PMMA) is circulating ...Full Article

Police recover antiques after armed robbery

A joint operation by police in Spain and Portugal has led to the recovery of a series of stolen works of art and antiquities, valued at 600,000 euros. Among ...Full Article

Motorist raced at 190km with child stood between seats

Drivers on a motorway in north-central Spain were horrified to see a child stood between the front seats of a car racing at more than 190 kilometres an hour! ...Full Article

Robbers caught through “selfie” on stolen phone

A dozy thief who denied all knowledge of an armed robbery was caught because he took a picture of his boasting brother on a stolen phone! The man told ...Full Article

Mafia gang hides cannabis stash in onions

A drug-running gang linked to the Italian mafia tried to put police off the scent by hiding a massive haul of cannabis amongst a mountain of onions! They hoped ...Full Article

Baby dies after eating ant poison

A baby of 17 months died after accidentally digesting ant poison. The parents are currently being investigated to find out how the toddler got hold of the substance though ...Full Article
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