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Terms of service

General Information:
This website is managed and owned by Seven Island Media Group S.L. with address in Ctra. Provincial nº187, Edificio Itahisa, Portal G, puerta D. 38390 Santa Úrsula. Registered in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Companies House, on book 3056 – section TF-44609 – page 166 and with CIF B-38954590.
This company can be contacted personally on the above address or by e-mail: info@tenerifenews.com, by phone on 922 30 49 87.

Terms of use and web access
1. The terms and conditions are applicable to all the users of this website, therefore users are requested to read these General Terms of Use. If the website is accessed you are deemed to fully accept the following legal terms and conditions. Users agree to abide by all conditions, notices, rules or instructions which can be brought to their attention with regards to specific content or services.
2. The user undertakes by law the General Conditions for their use of the Portal and its services as well as to observe all principles of good conduct and morality and therefore is not allowed to use the portal for illegal purposes or in any manner which may be injurious to the rights and interests of third parties which could harm the same in any manner.
3. If the user has not been authorized previously in writing, no-one is liable for any of the information and content on this Portal, whether such content refers to text, graphics, drawings, images, videos, etc… , or in general, any type of material which may be accessible via the Portal. The user accepts sole and exclusive responsibility for accessing the websites and using any of the information, contents or services. Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U. stipulates that any images appearing on the Portal are for illustrative purposes only and do not give rise to any contractual liability. The information and services offered on this website, as well as the presentational format, may be changed periodically or at specific times and Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U. is free to make such changes without any obligation of notifying users in that regard.
4. This portal is accessible through; www.tenerifenews.org.es and may be used free of charge. The contents may be viewed without any need to subscribe or register.
5. Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U. does not guarantee the continuous functioning or availability of the Portal, but will always give prior notice of any interruption of its service or the unavailability of its content. Seven Islands Media Group S.L. does not accept liability for any loss or prejudice of whatsoever nature which may be caused by any interruption in the functioning of the Portal or by problems with accessing the Portal.
6. All the content of the Portal is supplied in good faith by Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U., which content comes from sources within the company, as well as from external sources. In view of this, and given the large amount of information available, Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U. does not guarantee the complete accuracy or currency of the information or text available, although the company makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all the information.
Further to the contents, users must note that the published documents may have unintentional technical inconsistencies or typographic errors and Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U. does not accept any liability in that regard. We apologise, in any event, for any errors or inconsistencies that may occur and undertake to correct the same in the shortest time possible.

7. The unique trademarks: graphics and name, which appear on this website are the exclusive property of Seven Islands Media Group S.L., having been duly registered by the said company. Consequently, and by virtue of the said ownership, Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U. has the exclusive right to make commercial use of the said distinctive marks. Any unauthorized commercial utilization of the marks in question will constitute an infringement of the aforesaid registered trademark rights, and offenders shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.
The intellectual and industrial property rights relating to all the content, as well as all the names, logos, marks and databases which can be accessed through the Portal’s websites, rest within Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U. or third party owners. Gaining access to the Portal’s websites does not imply any form of waiver, or partial or full transfer or cession of the said property rights, and does not confer any right to use, alter, exploit, reproduce, distribute, or publically communicate the said content or any item that is subject to the said intellectual property rights, without first having obtained the express authorization, specifically granted for such purposes, from Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U. or the relevant third party owner, save for the right to view the same and make copies for the user’s exclusive personal use, the user always being under the obligation to use such copies in accordance with the principles of good faith and in compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation. Any person who infringes the rights set out in this paragraph, which are governed by the New Intellectual Property Act, as approved in terms of the Order of Council Number 1/1996 of 12 April (same year), and as amended by Act 23/2006 of 7 July, read with all other related legislative provisions, will be liable for all damages and other sanctions as provided by the law.
In addition, the domain name of this website is the exclusive property of Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U. and any unauthorized commercial use of the said domain name will constitute an infringement of the rights flowing from the registration thereof. Offenders shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.

Use of Cookies;
Seven Islands Media Group S.L. will make use of cookies when the user navigates through the Portal’s websites and pages. The purpose of such cookies is to identify the user, follow his path during his/her visit and learn more about him/her in order to provide a speedier service. These cookies are associated with an anonymous user and do not make it possible to access the user’s personal information or any information on the hard drive of his/her computer. Most types of navigation software automatically accept cookies, but the user is able to configure his/her navigator to notify him/her whenever a cookie is received, giving him/her the opportunity to accept or reject the same, which configuration will not impair the user’s access to the Portal’s websites.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions
By making use of this website you confirm that you have carefully read this document, that you have understood it and that you will abide by its provisions. If you are not in agreement with these provisions or with the recommendations made, we request you to refrain from making use of this Portal.
These General Conditions are governed by the Spanish law. For any disputes that may arise concerning the application of the services or the interpretation and enforcement of the General Conditions herein, Seven Islands Media Group S.L.U. and its users expressly agree to be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.